The Birth of HCN Today

HCN Today Banner JPG.jpg

The Birth of New-Age Information

It was the realization of the coming importance of the internet that pushed a generation forward. Every aspect of human life nowadays is almost definitely tied to the connectivity of the internet. With this factual conclusion, we wanted to move Proteus Media and its media station, Hill Country Network, even more forward. “What did we want? How do we get there?” These were the questions our team asked, until finally, HCN Today was born.


HCN Today is an online news and entertainment site run by a millennial base. The point of HCN Today is to keep users informed of the happenings in the local community, the state, and on a national level. Not only will HCN Today be bringing news to your smart device, we will also be bringing you modern entertainment. We have an array of segments, features, and shows we will be bringing to you in the near future. We hope to use HCN Today as a platform of honesty, efficiently, and togetherness. Have questions about the new journey we are taking on? Let us know. And as always, thanks for allowing HCN Today be your News For The People.

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