New Face For A Small Town | Downtown Booneville, Mississippi

40652586_2164360463597828_578132087287054336_o.jpgCourtesy of Visit Booneville, Facebook

When asked how this small town’s downtown from what people consider nothing to something, Tourism Director Lexie Gamble said the idea actually came together years ago with a conversation about repairs and renovations needed for downtown. The process of a tourism tax was started and grants were applied for to assist.

Now that it is in place, the tax has affected the downtown in a great way. It has allowed both the parks and tourism departments with funds that can be used to see real change. These changes are happening daily, such as the new one ways (allowing for more parking), more businesses are encouraged to open in downtown, and current businesses moving to downtown.

This month we will see a new restaurant open, plans to implement garbage cans and benches around downtown, and planned entertainment for all residents. While in discussion about residents, we asked how the community was taken the change. “Downtown is as alive as I have ever seen it. It is such a refresh change for our small town.” one resident said.

Change is always hard, but most have been welcoming, according to Director Gamble. The talk of the town has been about the new changes, and HCN Today was grateful to include this new change in our feature.


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