Several New Albany students were formally recognized at the Monday, November 5 School Board Meeting at New Albany Elementary School.  These students made a perfect score on one or more of the MAAP State Assessments this past spring.

NAES Perfect Scores

Front Row (left to right): Isebella White ,4th Grade Math; Angelo Patino, 4th Grade Math; Jonathan Stewart,  3rd Grade Math; Caleb Haygood, 3rd Grade Math; Delvonta Crayton, 3rd Grade Math; Grayson Alexander, 3rd Grade Math; Landon Hall , 4th Grade English Language Arts & Math; Brooklyn Garcia, 4th Grade Math; Candace Ordaz, 4th Grade English Language Arts; Avie Bryan, 3rd Grade Math; Annsley Coleman, 4th Grade English Language Arts; Jillian Chism, 3rd English Language Arts; Mac Blackburn, 5th Grade Math
Back Row (left to right): Samantha Neatherly, 5th Grade Math; Katie Favela, 5th Grade Math; Robert Sheffield , 4th Grade Math; Parker Hicks, 3rd Grade Math; Easton Hatcher, 3rd Grade Math; Collin McElwain, 3rd Grade Math; Andres Mejia, 3rd Grade Math; Jackson Waldon, 4th Grade Math; Nicholas Dunson, 4th Grade Math; William Henson , 4th Grade Math; Caitlyn Jones, 4th Grade Math; Aiden Thomas, 4th Grade Math; David Gardner, 4th English Language Arts
Not pictured:  Christopher Chen



Melanie Shannon
Public Relations
New Albany Schools

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