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China lands on the Moon (Video)

moom landing china

January 3, 2019

The “Yu Rabbit II” patrol film taken by the No. 4 Lander Surveillance Camera C went to the moon image

The No. 4 lander and the patrol were successfully separated on the night of January 3, and the Yutu No. 2 patrol vehicle reached the surface of the moon. On the lander, the Yutu No. 2, which was photographed by the surveillance camera, left the first trace of the image on the back of the moon. The “Bridge Bridge” relay star was successfully transmitted back to the ground. 

On January 3, after the successful fall of the No. 4 detector, the scientific and technical personnel carried out preparations for the separation of the lander and the patrol device according to the plan, the relay star state of the “Bridge Bridge”, the landing point environmental parameters, the equipment state, and the solar incidence. The conditions for the separation of the two devices, such as the angle, were confirmed by final inspection. 

At 15:07 on January 3, the technicians sent instructions to the No. 4 detector at the Beijing Aerospace Flight Control Center through the “Bridge Bridge” relay star. The separation of the two devices began. The reporter saw from the screen of the flight control hall of the Beijing Aerospace Flight Control Center that the No. 4 lander stood on the moon and the sun wing was unfolded. The patrol stands on top of the lander, unfolds the sun’s wings and extends the mast. The patrol then begins to move slowly toward the transfer mechanism. The transfer mechanism is normally unlocked, and an inclined ladder is set up between the lander and the lunar surface. The patrol slowly moves toward the lunar surface along the inclined ladder. At 22:22, the inspector stepped on the surface of the moon. (Cai Jinman)

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