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More special screenings and Community, UM and Kid Film Fest Announcement!


  The 2019 Oxford Film Festival (February 6-10) announced a special screening of Tom Huckabee and Kent Smith’s TAKING TIGER MOUNTAIN REVISITED, a gonzo futuristic film project co-written by William S. Burroughs and starring Bill Paxton made in the late 70s/early 80s, and recently updated by Huckabee. Steve Young, the subject of Dava Whisenant’s award-winning documentary, BATHTUBS OVER BROADWAY is now slated to attend the screening of that film, and the film lineups for the Oxford Community Film Night, Family Film Festival, UM Film & Theatre Shorts, Louisiana, and Memphis Film Prize Shorts program, and Filmmaker Panels were also announced.


The announcements come on the heels of news that roughly three weeks from Opening Night, the Oxford Film Festival looks to have a record-breaking year with near-sellouts of films and film blocks, scheduled filmmaker attendance set to double the previous year’s high, and 3 hotels in the area also sold out to accommodate the influx of filmmakers and film fans for the event.


Regarding the programming announcements, Oxford Film Festival’s Executive Director, Melanie Addington, said, “We’re thrilled to have Tom Huckabee return to Oxford with a true film rarity, his fascinating film, TAKING TIGER MOUNTAIN REVISITED. Offering special one-of-a-kind moments in the film like that, as well as being able to put forward the best locally made projects, celebrating our homegrown talent is one of the things that make this film festival great. Having Steve Young here for BATHTUBS OVER BROADWAY, one of the most crowd-pleasing films from the past year, and being able to offer filmmaker panels offering an insider’s view into the making of film and sustaining a career in the industry fully rounds out the five-day film festival experience we pride ourselves in offering, when combined with our galas and competition selections. This will be an exciting and entertaining five days in February and anyone that considers themselves a true film fan will not want to miss a single moment.”


Originally released in 1983, TAKING TIGER MOUNTAIN REVISITED was directed by Huckabee and Smith, and included Bill Paxton as an integral creative partner on the project. Set in a dystopian future, American draft dodger Billy Hampton (played by Paxton), is brainwashed and programmed by militant feminists to assassinate the Welsh minister of prostitution. Lurching unwittingly toward his goal, he makes a series of furtive connections with outsiders like himself, including a feral child, a gentle prostitute, a sadomasochistic delinquent, a lovelorn androgyne, a hippie dope dealer, and a mute nymphomaniac, while at the same time fending off predators who would sell him into sex slavery. Eventually, he is forced to focus on his mission and face the dreadful dilemma tormenting his psyche: to kill or not to kill.


Originally shot in Wales The film was revisited in 2016 by Huckabee to incorporate the spirit and flavor of the “making of” aspects of the film, which included the influence of William S. Burroughs, who shares a screenwriting credit on the film with Huckabee, Smith, and Paul Cullum. TAKING TIGER MOUNTAIN REVISITED will screen on Sunday, February 10 at 12:45PM at the Malco Oxford Commons (206 Commonwealth Blvd) and will include a Q&A with Huckabee, who returns to the Oxford Film Festival for the first time since his film CARRIED AWAY was an audience favorite in 2009.


Previously announced, Whisenant’s BATHTUBS OVER BROADWAY, gives a funny and informative look at the history and phenomenon of Industrial musicals courtesy of Steve Young, a longtime writer for “Late Night with David Letterman.” What began as a curiosity to Young became a loving obsession as he unearthed the under-the-radar history of the industrial musical form in this country. Whisenant’s film delivers both a very funny and touching tribute to the artists that created the musicals, as well as Young’s journey to shine a light on them. The film screens at the Malco on Saturday, February 9, at 4:00PM with Young now slated to be on hand for a Q&A.


Screening on Wednesday, the 6th at the Powerhouse Community Arts Center (413 S. 14th Street), the Oxford Film Festival’s traditional Community Night kickoff will feature 10 locally shot and produced short films, including 6 films making their world premieres. Included among the lineup is this year’s Magnifying Glass recipient, Jonathan Smith’s REMEMBERING ELWOOD HIGGINBOTTOM and the Mississippi Hills Heritage Area Alliance Grant recipient, Mary Stanton Knight’s STRANGER & FRIEND: FINDING HUBERT CREEKMORE IN WATER VALLEY. The block is currently sold out but rush tickets and standing room will be allowed.

To Read More of this Announcement visit- http://oxfordfilmfest.com/oxford-film-festival/2019/1/15/more-special-screenings-and-community-um-and-kid-film-fest-announcement


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