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NAES Students & Employee of the Month-January 2019

Students of the Month

Each month, a Student of the Month is chosen for each homeroom at New Albany Elementary School. This student is one who goes above and beyond classroom expectations. January Students of the Month are as follows:

January Students of Month K 2

Students chosen for grades K-2 (in no particular order)
are:  Zara Tanner, Harrison Scott, Gabbie Moffitt, Lucero Gonzalez, Noah Ozbirn, Kaidence Smith, Vivian Shedd, Zoey Perez, Santi Lemus, Liam McColly, Giancarlo Vallejo, Maybree Elder, Mckenzie Richerson, Tatum White, Callie Bell, Kaleb Staubbs, Ella Reed, Kellianne Richardson, Mariunna Coleman, Edward Coleman, Mattie Aldridge, Samantha Mendoza, Miquela Chavez, William Roten, Reese Hall, Gracey Williams, Yosef Marquin, Tate McClain, and Annie Bine Bright.

January Students of Month 3 5

Students chosen for grades 3-5 (in no particular order) are:  Zy’Kylan Hill, Jade McCurdy, Owen Mayo, Meredith Garrison, Adriana Rivera, Katie Flores, Caysen Potts, Tanner Green, Kara Morrisson, Brayden Thompson, Logan Thweatt, Kylie Hayes, Sadianna Berryhill, Jasean Watson, Sawyer Finch, Maggie McKinney, Rileigh Faulkner, Emily Rutledge, Everett Garrett, Ashley Flores, Sam Morton, Caysen McNutt, Bella Aguero, and Rich Ladner.

 Employee of Month

January Employee of Month NAES

The Employee of the Month for January is Mrs. Karen Willard. According to co-workers, Mrs. Karen always goes above and beyond to help in any situation and does many things for our school to make it run efficiently from behind the scenes.

Melanie Shannon
Public Relations
New Albany Schools

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