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Plan crashes in Union County Saturday, April 13, 2019


Example of a 1980 model saber liner jet, 10 or 12 person jet

A sad tragedy happened in our area Saturday night. A 1980 model saber liner jet, 10 or 12 person jet came down in Union County, where all 3 passengers lost their lives.
The pilot and his wife, Tommy and Merline Nix from Belmont Ms and the co pilot Jarrod Holloway, from Booneville, Ms, left Oxford, Ms at 3:30pm headed to Hamilton, Al.
Around 5pm, the Union County Sheriff’s department was contacted by air traffic control when the plane left the radar.
The weather was stormy, but with the help of GPS concordance, the search was started. At one point the search ended up in the edge of Pontotoc County, but the wreckage was finally found on County Road 120.
Sheriff Jimmy Edwards said that a volunteer fireman was riding on the back roads when he detected a strong smell of fuel.  The fireman called the sheriff’s office and reported his findings. When the sheriff’s department personnel arrived, they went to the area, searched, and found the plane. They also made the discovery that the occupants had not survived. The weather turned worse, and the searchers had to find cover.
Sheriff Edwards stated that the National Transportation Safety Board was on site Monday to start the investigation of the wreckage.
We hope to have more information on this later


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