Hill Country Network is ONE YEAR OLD!

On May 18, 2018, TV99 New Albany, North Mississippi became Hill Country Network. Our rebranding was a way to kick start the message that the local cable channel now covered all of North Mississippi. We cover 14 communities, bringing our viewers a unique look at life in our area. We have developed 11 original shows, air the Board of Supervisors meeting, the New Albany Aldermen’s meetings, Luncheon with Books held at the Union County Library and Museum Moments held at the Union Country Heritage Museum. We have our news magazine Hill Country Happenings that has a news minute section and brings highlights of the events that we filmed during the week.

Our logo is Peg, a former pet rooster of the station owner Jean Ashcraft, and has become a symbol of how we are recognized when we are out in the field filming. The bright yellow background behind Peg lets us stand out among our peers.

HCN is a Public, Education and Government (PEG) access television center offering community members the tools and training to produce their own programs for airing on local cable access television in North Mississippi. The HCN mission is to stimulate community dialog, enhance understanding of government, showcase local talents and the diverse people of our communities and to encourage civic participation.

We are getting the word out that we want to cover the events and festivals in North Mississippi. We also have several talk shows such as From the Heart, with host Evelyn Mason, where she helps tell stories of life, because life is interesting (c) : Let’s Talk, a panel of ladies talking of issues that affect women and their families with Jessica Winston, Sue Morrisson, Wanda Westbrooke, and Marta Sobrino-Bolen; Meet My Mississippi with host Patricia Neely-Dorsey who introduces us to artist and authors; Education Today with Dr. Charles Garrett who brings information to us that lets us make informed decisions; Face to Face with Nick Boone, a show for Millenials; Garden Mama with Sandy Shaddinger who takes us on the journey of plants. We have two entertainment shows: The Pat and Alan Show with Pat Hancock and Alan Cousar who bring gospel and oldies along with their musical guest; Movies from the Tomb with Count Eeflac, our hosted horror show, where the Count brings movie trivia along with the moldy oldies, hosted by Greg Calfee. We are looking for individuals that would host cooking shows, baking shows, DIY shows, the list is endless and is only limited by your imagination!

We are starting to partner up with local businesses and individuals as sponsors for the network. There is a lot going on at Hill Country Network and with sponsors, we could do more for our community and viewers. We want to expand our mission with a live-broadcast-capable studio, updated equipment and offer workshops to the community, but we need partners for this.

Please feel free to contact us with your news, press releases, and photos. You can email us at or

We are on cable MaxxSouth channel 99.1, on Roku under PEG media, then we are the only listing under the state of Mississippi, you can also watch us from our live stream on our website at You can take us on the go and watch us anywhere in the world! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Thank you for your support in this our first year and we look forward to may more to come!!          #crowon



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