It is Fair week!

The long-awaited week of games, rides, pageants, livestock show, rodeo, and fun has arrived! Each summer, the fair brings different meanings to people. For the children who are bored with summer, it is a time of fun with the rides and games the fair carnival offers. Then for some children, it is a time to show off some of their hard work by presenting their livestock and their ability to care for them.

There are pageants for little tots to teenagers, this is a time to shine for the kids and their parents. For some it is fun, for others it is one more step in a path they have chosen.

There are contests of wares, of games and the rodeo! The rodeo is a chance to test your skill and luck against the timekeeper and the animals. This year the rodeo is being headed by Jerry Bolden and his B bar J rodeo group. You can find several interviews in our Hill Country Happenings show on Hill Country Network.

We have attached a schedule below in order that you can see what the fun packed week has to offer! Hill Country Network will be at the fair this week, be sure to give them a holler and wave.

fair schedule



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