After being a traveling nurse for almost twenty years, and serving as a Captain in the Army Reserve Nurse Corp, Roslynn Clark was recently interviewed by Patricia Neely-Dorsey, host of the Meet My Mississippi Authors and Artist Show on New Albany’s Hill Country Network. Clark talked about how Healing Our Mississippi came to be and how she and Jean Ashcraft, co-founder of Healing Our Mississippi, met in 2018 at the Oxford Film when Clark was debuting her music video ‘Going to Mississippi’ featuring the Mosley & Johnson Band.

“Jean and I share a love for Mississippi and the joy that comes with having Southern hospitality,” said Clark. “Most Mississippians have grown tired of being considered number one in all of the bad things and number 50 in all the good things. We have been told that history is not necessarily what was, but is what has been written.”

Clark’s next film features a still vibrant James Meredith. “Meredith loves Mississippi and is anxious to finish what the good Lord had planned for him,” said Clark. “Healing Mississippi, moving forward and educating not just on racial levels but on all levels of love for one another starting with the children.”

In the film Meredith says, “If we can cure the racial disturbance in North Mississippi, we are setting an example for the world through love and understanding, raising awareness and moving forward through education.”
“Think about the children who are growing up hearing stories that may or may not be true. Let them hear it from the man who was there. Let the children meet a man who grew in power from the strength of his convictions and led the way for millions to see this world from a different perspective,” said Clark.

James Meredith, an icon, will be on tour starting in New Albany, Mississippi on October 12 at the New Albany Civic Center. “He is on a mission to shine a light on the good and well-being of our great state,” said Clark.

Healing Our Mississippi is a campaign that begins with an all-day event geared toward bringing healing from past pain and moving forward to a brighter future.

Schedule of Events:
9:00am – Health Fair hosted by the Eliza Pillar Registered Nurses of Mississippi

10:30 – 11:30 am- Youth will have an opportunity to talk with James Meredith

11:00 am – Mississippi authors and artists display their works (Mr. Meredith will be hanging out to answer questions and take selfies.)

1:00 pm – Dr. Joe Edd Morris, a Tupelo Psychologist, will present his thoughts on the healing process

4:00 pm-5:30 pm – VIP “Meet and Greet” with Mr. Meredith, hosted by Roslynn Clark in The Magnolia Room. The VIP Meet and Greet package includes a ticket to the 6:00 pm show, light refreshments, booking signing and a video copy of the New Albany Civic Center debut of Roslynn Clark’s documentary “Rough Cut James Meredith Begins His Journey in Northeast Mississippi” ($50 donation)

6:00 pm – The James Meredith and Roslynn Clark Show. Open dialogue on Wounds & the Wound Healing Process. Will include panelists:

  • Dr. Jennifer Carroll, Psychologist/Tupelo
  • Ricky Ford, President and Coach Northeast Mississippi Community College/Booneville
  • Sister Patricia Powell, Mentor and Community Servant at Mt Zion Community Church
  • Minister Alice Fay Smith, Temple of Compassion & Deliverance
  • Pastor Jimmie Haley, Love Alive Christian Center & Kingdom Universities & Bible School

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