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1st 9 Weeks Outstanding Career & Technical Students

The following students have been selected as Outstanding Career & Technical Education students for the 1st 9 Weeks at the New Albany School of Career & Technical Education.  Pictured in no particular order are: 

Anna Harmon (Concepts of Agriscience), Gideon Garcia (Agricultural Plants), Ben Pannell (Culinary Arts I), Anniston Hodges (Oral Communications), Sophie Chen (Business Fundamentals), Rex Hall and Joshua White (Intermediate Drafting), Jacob Hogue (Construction I), Nathaniel Grose (Auto Mechanics I), Darnell Riley (Resource Management), Ayleen Gonzalez and Kylein Mullins (Health)
Summer Killough (Culinary Arts II), Janna Tohill (Health Science I), Matthew Gonzalez (Marketing), Eil Parks (Drafting II), Madison Yarbrough (Engineering II), Chandler Barnes (Construction I), Eli Osgood (Automotive Mechanics I),
Ashlea Sanders (Child Development), Wendy Thomas (Child Development), and Jada Boles (Early Childhood II)
Analisa Cheairs (Health Science I), Cassidy Denning (Digital Media I), Quitman Hamblin (Engineering I), Aidan Garrett ( Drafting I),
Madison Hill (Early Childhood I), and Breshunda Starks (Child Development)

Not Pictured:Noah Nieminen (Digital Media II),  Damarko Dixon-Smith (Concepts of Drafting), and Timothy Pulliam (STEM).

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