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2019 Mississippi Election Results

Stay posted here for the latest election results from across the entire state of Mississippi.

GovernorTotals100% Reporting
✔Tate Reeves449,74652%
Jim Hood402,08047%
David Singletary8,249<1%
Bob Hickingbottom2,534<1%
Lieutenant GovernorTotals100% Reporting
✔Delbert Hosemann512,89960%
Jay Hughes339,11640%
Secretary Of StateTotals100% Reporting
✔Michael Watson500,34359%
Johnny DuPree346,51341%
Attorney GeneralTotals100% Reporting
✔Lynn Fitch496,42558%
Jennifer Riley Collins358,80042%
Insurance CommissionerTotals100% Reporting
✔Mike Chaney521,59461%
Robert Amos326,96239%
TreasurerTotals98% Reporting
David McRae499,22661%
Addie Lee Green318,67539%
Agriculture CommissionerTotals100% Reporting
✔Andy Gipson498,36959%
Rickey Cole347,16041%
Transportation Commissioner – NorthernTotals100% Reporting
✔John Caldwell177,19063%
Joe Grist102,12737%
Transportation Commissioner – CentralTotals100% Reporting
✔Willie Simmons144,83551%
Butch Lee139,50649%
Public Service Commissioner – CentralTotals100% Reporting
✔Brent Bailey142,90051%
De’Keither Stamps139,90249%
Senate District 3Totals100% Reporting
✔Kathy Chism13,21875%
Tim Tucker4,38625%
Senate District 5Totals100% Reporting
✔Daniel Sparks13,92872%
Steve Eaton5,39728%
Senate District 8Totals100% Reporting
✔Benjamin Suber10,74658%
Kegan Coleman7,92442%
Senate District 9Totals100% Reporting
✔Nicole Akins Boyd11,15858%
Kevin Frye7,99242%
Senate District 17Totals100% Reporting
✔Charles Younger10,88266%
DeWanna Belton5,12831%
Danny Bedwell3882%
House District 3Totals100% Reporting
✔Tracy Arnold5,15969%
Janis Patterson2,28831%
House District 10Totals100% Reporting
✔Brady Williamson4,75047%
Josh Hawkins2,65926%
Bobby Dailey2,65826%
House District 12Totals100% Reporting
Clay Deweese3,05651%
Tiffany Kilpatrick2,89449%
House District 13Totals100% Reporting
✔Steve Massengill5,76569%
Pamela Denham2,62931%
House District 15Totals100% Reporting
✔Mac Huddleston5,35174%
Pat Montgomery1,86326%
House District 16Totals100% Reporting
✔Rickey Thompson2,74452%
Steve Holland2,52348%
House District 17Totals100% Reporting
✔Shane Aguirre4,79562%
Cathy Grace2,88238%
House District 22Totals100% Reporting
✔Jon Lancaster4,29154%
Thomas Futral3,72946%
House District 36Totals100% Reporting
✔Karl Gibbs5,50378%
Jessica Lofton Lewis1,57322%
House District 37Totals100% Reporting
✔Gary Chism5,63378%
Vicky Rose1,56922%
Alcorn SheriffTotals100% Reporting
Ben Caldwell8,11173%
Keith Settlemires2,83525%
Ricky Gofourth1962%
Alcorn Tax CollectorTotals100% Reporting
Larry Ross6,50959%
Bobby Burns4,55341%
Alcorn CoronerTotals100% Reporting
Jay Jones5,67753%
Ron Strom5,08947%
Alcorn Supervisor District 1Totals100% Reporting
Lowell Hinton1,44759%
Jerry Miller99341%
Alcorn Supervisor District 2Totals100% Reporting
James Voyles1,86283%
Ralph Coln38217%
Alcorn Supervisor District 4Totals100% Reporting
Steve Glidewell1,69174%
Gary Ross34515%
Stan Johnson21910%
Rodney Trantham362%
Alcorn Supervisor District 5Totals100% Reporting
Jimmy Tate Waldon98142%
Jackie Cooksey92440%
Mark Coombs40718%
Alcorn Justice Judge Post 1Totals100% Reporting
Jeremy Blaylock2,19637%
John Little1,66328%
Chris Grisham1,17720%
Jon Newcomb5029%
George Haynie1803%
Luke Doehner1523%
Alcorn Justice Judge Post 2Totals100% Reporting
Jimmy McGee2,39345%
Paul Copeland2,06939%
Neicy Hurd Matthews91017%
Alcorn Election Commissioner District 4Totals100% Reporting
Keith Conaway1,39865%
Corey Johnson75435%
Calhoun Chancery ClerkTotals100% Reporting
Romona Tillman2,72854%
Nicole McGreger2,33146%
Calhoun SheriffTotals100% Reporting
Greg Pollan3,39568%
Roger Westmoreland1,61432%
Calhoun Supervisor District 3Totals100% Reporting
Gerald Thompson56052%
Justin Ferguson51448%
Calhoun Supervisor District 4Totals100% Reporting
Barney Wade71664%
David Martin40836%
Chickasaw Supervisor District 2Totals100% Reporting
Bill Blissard76662%
Robbie Lynch46938%
Chickasaw Supervisor District 4Totals100% Reporting
Tom Bowens53149%
Judy Dunn32730%
Pat Houston23221%
Chickasaw Supervisor District 5Totals100% Reporting
Wolfie King61552%
Lamon Griggs56148%
Chickasaw Constable Post 1Totals100% Reporting
Billy Voyles2,25080%
Michelle Moore Moss57320%
Choctaw Chancery ClerkTotals100% Reporting
Steve Montgomery1,47153%
Kenny King1,30047%
Choctaw SheriffTotals100% Reporting
Brandon Busby2,09276%
Kevin Connell67324%
Choctaw Supervisor District 1Totals100% Reporting
Joey Stephenson30160%
Warren Miles20140%
Choctaw Supervisor District 2Totals100% Reporting
Greg Fondren41974%
Henry Brown14426%
Choctaw Supervisor District 3Totals100% Reporting
Chris McIntire39973%
Mitch Weeks15027%
Choctaw Supervisor District 4Totals100% Reporting
John Avery Shumaker36067%
Bobby Burton17633%
Choctaw Supervisor District 5Totals100% Reporting
Mark Bruce47375%
Bill Peden15425%
Choctaw Justice Judge Post 1Totals100% Reporting
Andy Stephenson66450%
Phillip Smith66050%
Clay Tax Assessor/CollectorTotals100% Reporting
Porsha Johnson Lee5,18983%
Michael Collier1,05617%
Itawamba SheriffTotals100% Reporting
Chris Dickinson5,86783%
Glenn Jenkins1,21317%
Itawamba Supervisor District 1Totals100% Reporting
Donnie Wood1,06285%
Darrell Ray18215%
Itawamba Supervisor District 3Totals100% Reporting
Terry Moore1,11774%
Philip Blackmon38826%
Itawamba Supervisor District 5Totals100% Reporting
Bill Sheffield1,24186%
Marie Johnson20714%
Lafayette SheriffTotals100% Reporting
Joey East10,92782%
Jeffrey South2,46118%
Lafayette Supervisor District 1Totals100% Reporting
Brent Larson1,48158%
Adam Clay1,06342%
Lafayette Supervisor District 2Totals100% Reporting
Larry Gillespie1,61651%
Joshua McGlawn1,53249%
Lafayette Supervisor District 3Totals100% Reporting
David Rikard1,74348%
Dale Gordon1,68247%
LaKeisha Borum1755%
Lafayette Supervisor District 4Totals100% Reporting
Chad McLarty1,66058%
Derek Mooney1,21242%
Lafayette Supervisor District 5Totals100% Reporting
Mike Roberts90355%
Mike Fortner73245%
Lafayette Justice Judge NorthTotals100% Reporting
Carolyn Bell2,86551%
Andy Arant2,79149%
Lee Circuit ClerkTotals100% Reporting
Camille Dulaney16,93969%
Cecilia Griffin7,52031%
Lee SheriffTotals100% Reporting
Jim Johnson16,49667%
Jermandy Jackson8,24633%
Lee Tax AssessorTotals100% Reporting
Mark Weathers16,68868%
Gloria Holliday7,88532%
Lee Supervisor District 2Totals100% Reporting
Mike Smith3,87777%
Richard Cotton1,16623%
Lee Supervisor District 5Totals100% Reporting
Billy Joe Holland3,07164%
Charles Heard1,71636%
Lee Justice Judge District 2Totals100% Reporting
Marilyn Reed5,71575%
Eric Hampton1,87925%
Lee Justice Judge District 3Totals100% Reporting
Phyllis Dye4,49172%
Chris Sadler1,76828%
Lee Constable District 2Totals100% Reporting
Ted Wood5,82374%
Randy Ellis2,01626%
Lee Constable District 4Totals100% Reporting
Punnie Lyles3,15072%
Johnny Patterson1,19728%
Lowndes Chancery ClerkTotals100% Reporting
Cindy Goode10,22158%
Joseph Mickens7,27342%
Lowndes Prosecuting AttorneyTotals100% Reporting
Steve Wallace9,14652%
William Starks8,33048%
Lowndes SheriffTotals100% Reporting
Eddie Hawkins10,32164%
Anthony Nelson5,68136%
Lowndes Tax Assessor/CollectorTotals100% Reporting
Greg Andrews12,67072%
Sherman Vaughn4,84628%
Lowndes Supervisor District 1Totals100% Reporting
Harry Sanders2,21860%
Steve Pyle1,50140%
Lowndes Supervisor District 2Totals100% Reporting
Trip Hairston2,38465%
Oliver Miller1,26635%
Lowndes Supervisor District 3Totals100% Reporting
John Holliman2,97777%
Tim Heard88623%
Lowndes Supervisor District 5Totals100% Reporting
Leroy Brooks2,22474%
Marty Turner78426%
Lowndes Constable District 1Totals100% Reporting
Chris Griffin3,88359%
Jake Humbers2,73341%
Lowndes Constable District 2Totals100% Reporting
Joe Ables3,46860%
Spence Wallingford2,34640%
Monroe Tax CollectorTotals100% Reporting
Alysia Wright5,87450%
Jason Hood5,76950%
Monroe Supervisor District 1Totals100% Reporting
Joseph Richardson1,25048%
Cody Hutson84532%
Tim Johnson53420%
Monroe Supervisor District 2Totals100% Reporting
B.R. Richey1,38867%
Randy Minor69233%
Monroe Supervisor District 3Totals100% Reporting
Rubel West1,07141%
Brian Atkins1,05540%
Wayne Faulkner51520%
Monroe Supervisor District 4Totals100% Reporting
Fulton Ware1,42662%
Ben Howell89238%
Monroe Supervisor District 5Totals100% Reporting
Hosea Bogan1,38860%
Jason Sullivan90840%
Monroe Justice Judge District 1Totals100% Reporting
Sarah Stevens1,50238%
Tim Oswalt1,42636%
Joe Benton1,01126%
Monroe Constable District 1Totals100% Reporting
Patrick Chism2,10256%
Donnie Sloan1,67244%
Montgomery SheriffTotals100% Reporting
Jeff Tompkins2,19057%
Barry Gregg1,62743%
Montgomery Tax Assessor/CollectorTotals100% Reporting
Laurie Lockett1,42837%
Brad Johnson1,37536%
Monica Turner1,06928%
Montgomery Supervisor District 3Totals100% Reporting
Willie Townsend49770%
Arnie Pittman21330%
Montgomery Justice Judge District 1Totals100% Reporting
Keith Roberts1,37086%
Edd Collins21714%
Montgomery Constable District 2Totals100% Reporting
Jerry Bridges1,09452%
Bryan Lott99448%
Noxubee Constable SouthTotals100% Reporting
Derone Mosley1,19778%
Earnest Eichelberger34122%
Noxubee Supervisor District 4Totals100% Reporting
Eddie Coleman50868%
Darrell Hunt24132%
Okolona School Board Position 1Totals200% Reporting
Lorene Moore Barr50055%
Fred Gandy41045%
Oktibbeha Chancery ClerkTotals100% Reporting
Sharon Livingston6,11353%
Martesa Flowers5,50747%
Oktibbeha Tax Assessor/CollectorTotals100% Reporting
Allen Morgan6,91968%
John Brown3,24232%
Oktibbeha Supervisor District 1Totals100% Reporting
John Montgomery1,43759%
Clint McCain1,01641%
Oktibbeha Supervisor District 3Totals100% Reporting
Marvell Howard1,03454%
Dennis Daniels88046%
Oktibbeha Supervisor District 4Totals100% Reporting
Bricklee Miller1,72153%
Daniel Jackson1,50647%
Oktibbeha Supervisor District 5Totals100% Reporting
Joe Williams1,52473%
Jared Pruitt57527%
Oktibbeha Justice Judge District 3Totals100% Reporting
Marty Haug1,60653%
Cindy Mills1,44647%
Pontotoc Chancery ClerkTotals96% Reporting
Ricky Ferguson5,56359%
Clay Foster3,92741%
Pontotoc Constable District 1Totals100% Reporting
Neal Davis3,21866%
Sonnie Williams1,68634%
Pontotoc Constable District 2Totals100% Reporting
L.D. Gillespie3,01966%
Jeff Russell1,52334%
Prentiss Chancery ClerkTotals100% Reporting
Bubba Pounds4,22755%
Joshua Whitson3,49645%
Prentiss Supervisor District 1Totals100% Reporting
James Ray Plaxico80550%
Garner Chaffin79250%
Prentiss Supervisor District 4Totals100% Reporting
Robert Botts96962%
Steve Taylor59738%
Prentiss Supervisor District 5Totals100% Reporting
Gary Cleveland53341%
Randy Maness49638%
Doug Taylor28622%
Prentiss Justice Judge NorthTotals100% Reporting
Trent Moore2,65261%
Samuel Parker1,66239%
Prentiss Justice Judge SouthTotals100% Reporting
Kimi Kitchens1,67850%
Angela Pounds1,65550%
Prentiss Constable NorthTotals100% Reporting
Sammy Henderson2,48658%
DeVaughn Kelly1,81142%
Tishomingo Circuit ClerkTotals100% Reporting
Josh McNatt2,46136%
Rebecca Oaks2,37035%
Kenny Carson1,40521%
Beth White6139%
Tishomingo Prosecuting AttorneyTotals100% Reporting
Nathaniel Clark5,21579%
Carly Carman1,41121%
Tishomingo SheriffTotals100% Reporting
John Daugherty3,53452%
Mike Kemp3,29148%
Tishomingo Tax AssessorTotals100% Reporting
David Crum4,50066%
Shana Hollon2,27734%
Tishomingo Tax CollectorTotals100% Reporting
Jena McNatt4,80171%
Denise Timbes1,99229%
Tishomingo Supervisor District 1Totals100% Reporting
Brandon Grissom83860%
Joey Price56540%
Tishomingo Supervisor District 2Totals100% Reporting
Nicky McRae92265%
Mike Brown49835%
Tishomingo Supervisor District 4Totals100% Reporting
Jeff Holt92261%
Debra Kay58539%
Tishomingo Justice Judge SouthTotals100% Reporting
Donnie Joe Sparks1,84757%
Michael Haney1,38343%
Tishomingo Constable SouthTotals100% Reporting
Donald Ray Thomas1,66452%
Don Hall1,55748%
Union SheriffTotals100% Reporting
Jimmy Edwards4,47853%
Wiliam Kidd4,04447%
Union Supervisor District 1Totals100% Reporting
Sam Taylor86656%
Jerry Burke68344%
Union Supervisor District 2Totals100% Reporting
Chad Coffey1,42474%
Jim Gann49626%
Union Supervisor District 4Totals100% Reporting
Randy Owen1,01565%
Junior Courtney53535%
Union Constable EastTotals100% Reporting
P.J. Doyle3,00178%
Mickey McGill84222%
Webster CoronerTotals100% Reporting
Scott Dean2,21654%
Dianne Wright1,85746%
Webster AttorneyTotals100% Reporting
Henry Ross2,72368%
Hays Burchfield1,30132%
Webster SheriffTotals100% Reporting
David Gore2,40063%
Jeffrey Mann1,07828%
Brad Robinson3509%
Webster Supervisor District 1Totals100% Reporting
Eudy Morris46967%
Rudy Ray22833%
Webster Supervisor District 2Totals100% Reporting
Pat Cummings62676%
Matt Brasher19424%
Webster Supervisor District 3Totals100% Reporting
Randy Rico38753%
Jason Burney34747%
Winston Chancery ClerkTotals100% Reporting
Rusty Foster4,58171%
Justin Keller1,85929%
Winston CoronerTotals100% Reporting
Scott Gregory4,20465%
Byron Foster2,24035%
Winston Prosecuting AttorneyTotals100% Reporting
Zachary Madison3,44854%
Taylor Tucker2,99246%
Winston Supervisor District 3Totals100% Reporting
Kenny Jordan99573%
Rhonda Prisock37727%
Winston Justice Judge EastTotals100% Reporting
Mike Fuller2,50671%
Will McNeel1,00729%
Yalobusha CoronerTotals100% Reporting
Ronnie Stark3,66574%
Lazelrick Hodges1,29726%
Yalobusha SheriffTotals100% Reporting
Mark Fulco2,56950%
Luther Folson2,56750%
Yalobusha Tax Assessor/CollectorTotals100% Reporting
Linda Rae Shuffield3,32366%
Baine Turnage1,74734%
Yalobusha Supervisor District 1Totals100% Reporting
Cayce Washington80472%
Mickell Dunn30528%
Yalobusha Supervisor District 4Totals100% Reporting
Eddie Harris76375%
Curtis Hames25725%
Yalobusha Justice Judge District 2Totals100% Reporting
Trent Howell1,28451%
Tommy Defer1,22149%

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