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2019 Union County General Election Results

A colorful collection of American national political vote badges,

On November 5th, the citizens of Union County came out to cast their ballots and elect officials.

The results below do not include absentee votes and affadavits.

Incumbent Jimmy Edwards(Democrat, 52.49%) defeated Ashley Kidd(Republican, 47.40%) in an extremely close race.

Sam Taylor(Democrat, 55.87%) defeated Jerry C Burke(Republican, 44.06%) for District One Supervisor.

Incumbent Chad Coffey(Democrat, 74.17%) defeated Jim Gann(Republican, 25.83%) for District Two Supervisor.

Randy Owen(Democrat,65.48%) defeated Junior Courtney(Republican, 34.52%) for District Four Supervisor.

Incumbent P.J. Doyle (R) revived 78.09% of the vote, while challenger Mickey McGill received only 21.91% for Constable East Post.

Kathy L. Chism (Republican, 81.49%) defeated Tim Tucker(Democrat, 18.47%) and became the new state senator for District 3.

Incumbent Steve Massengill (Republican, 70.15% ) defeated his opponent, Pamela J. Denham (Democrat, 29.75%) for House of Representatives District 13.

Sam J. Creekmore IV (Republican) had no challengers, therefore becoming he new Representative for District 14.

The following Incumbents ran unopposed and will remain in office for another four years:

  • Circuit Clerk Phyllis Stanford
  • Chancery Clerk Annette Hickey
  • Tax Assessor-Collector Tameri Dunnam
  • Union County Attorney Joe Marshall Davis
  • Fifth District Supervisor Steve Watson
  • East Post Justice Court Judge David Garrison
  • West Post Justice Court Judge Chris Childers
  • West Post Constable Ronnie Goudy
  • District 18 Representative Jerry Turner

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