Local News

Perfect Scores Recognized at NAMS

Several students were recognized at the November 4 School Board Meeting for their perfect scores on the 2018-2019 MAAP state assessments. Pictured in no particular order.

5th Grade English Language Arts – Danica Baker (not pictured); Annsley Coleman; Landon Hall; Hunter Henson; Lizzie Moore; Candace Ordaz; Madison Rodgers; Asia Rooker.

5th Grade Math – Hunter Henson; Madison Rodgers; Jackson Waldon.

6th Grade English Language Arts – Mac Blackburn.

6th Grade Math – Mac Blackburn; William Chism; Anderson Crews; Thomas Duncan; Katie Favela (not pictured); Lucy King (not pictured); Benjamin Reed (not pictured).

7th Grade Math – Hannah Brown; Kierra Carter (not pictured); Sylvia Chen (not pictured); Samuel Derrick (not pictured); Leah Harrell (not pictured); Kevin Hernandez; Dylan Jackson; Brayden Langley; Breannah Lawal (not pictured); Brendan Littlejohn; Maya McColly; Ingrid Ojeda; Julianna Scott; Will Speck (not pictured); Carson Taylor (not pictured); William Thomas; Maria Vega; Sarah Vega; Zoie White (not pictured).

8th Grade Math – Landon York; Elijah Chapman; Steven Coltharp; James Cotten (not pictured); Owen Everett (not pictured).

Algebra I – Owen Everett (not pictured).

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