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Early School Dismissals(December 16, 2019)

SCHOOLSAmory SchoolsDismiss 2 pm 
SCHOOLSAnnunciation Catholic SchoolDismiss 2 pm 
SCHOOLSBaldwyn SchoolsDismiss 2 pm 
SCHOOLSBooneville SchoolsDismiss 2 pm 
SCHOOLSChoctaw County SchoolsDismiss 1 pm 
SCHOOLSColumbus Christian AcademyDismiss 2:30 PM 
SCHOOLSColumbus SchoolsDismiss 1:30 pm 
SCHOOLSEast Mississippi Community CollegeDismiss 2 pm 
SCHOOLSFayette County, AL SchoolsDismiss 1:30 pm 
SCHOOLSFranklin County, AL SchoolsDismiss 1 pm 
SCHOOLSHebron Christian SchoolDismiss 11:30 am 
SCHOOLSHouston SchoolsDismiss 2 pm 
SCHOOLSLouisville SchoolsDismiss 1 pm 
SCHOOLSLowndes County SchoolsDismiss 2 pm 
SCHOOLSMississippi State UniversityDismiss 2 pm 
SCHOOLSMississippi University For WomenDismiss 1 pm 
SCHOOLSNew Albany SchoolsDismiss 2 pm 
SCHOOLSNorth Tippah County SchoolsDismiss 1:45 PM 
SCHOOLSPickens County, AL SchoolsDismiss 12:30 pm 
SCHOOLSPontotoc County SchoolsDismiss 2 pm 
SCHOOLSPrentiss County SchoolsDismiss 2 pm 
SCHOOLSSouth Tippah County SchoolsDismiss 1:45 PM 
SCHOOLSStarkville-Oktibbeha SchoolsParents should follow school early dismissal plan 
SCHOOLSTishomingo County SchoolsDismiss 1:30 pm 
SCHOOLSTupelo SchoolsDismiss 2 pm 
SCHOOLSUnion County SchoolsDismiss 2 pm 
SCHOOLSWebster County SchoolsDismiss 1 pm 
SCHOOLSWest Point SchoolsDismiss 1:30 pm

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