New Albany Gardeners Get Together to Exercise Garden Therapy

New Albany Middle School Young Gardeners recently spent the afternoon with members of the New Albany Garden Club. The two groups got together for an exercise in garden therapy. Studies show that garden therapy offers a range of physical, social, psychological, and cognitive benefits for people of all ages and abilities. 

Young Gardeners co-chairs, Paulette Cossitt and Carrie Rogers, along with other members brought fresh magnolia, cedar, and holly from their yards. After explaining that the swags were for Dogwood New Albany, club members and the students got to work with greenery, snippers, wire cutters, wire, and recycled hangers to create over a dozen holiday swags. Afterwards, students enjoyed a tray of delicious refreshments.

“This experience was a great opportunity for the Young Gardeners to do something special for the elders in our community,” said Vainisi, teacher at the middle school and garden club vice president. “My students always welcome a chance to be leaders in the community.”

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