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MDOC Releases Statement Concerning Statewide Lockdowns

Image Credit: MDOC

JACKSON, MISS. – The Mississippi Department of Corrections continues a statewide lockdown for the safety of the public, staff, and inmates.

Therefore, movement of inmates is limited to only emergencies. As a result, there will be no visitation this weekend.

Interview and screening for potential correctional officers on Saturday at the three state prisons won’t be affected.

All available resources are being used to address disturbances occurring around the state. The MDOC is being responsive in investigating the violence.

Because of the active investigations, the agency is limited in providing additional information. Reporting allegations is irresponsible and could further jeopardize the safety of officers, inmates, and the public.

The safety of staff, inmates, and the public is always the agency’s focus.

The MDOC will keep the public informed as information becomes available that does not further jeopardize the safety of its institutions.

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