Dec 16th Storm Damages Brice’s Crossroads National Battlefield

On December 16, 2019, a slew of tornadoes moved throughout the state of Mississippi. Many Mississippi towns were affected, including Tupelo, MS.

One particular area in Tupelo that suffered damage was Brice’s Cross Roads National Battlefield Site.

Mostly cedar tree lie damaged, but thankfully most of the signage did not suffer much damage.

About Brice’s Crossroads

Brices Cross Roads National Battlefield Site is one of almost 100 sites and battlefields related to the American Civil War.

The site commemorates the Battle of Brice’s Crossroads, in which the Confederate army, under Major-General Nathan Bedford Forrest, defeated Union army to secure General William T. Sherman’s railroad supply lines between Nashville and Chattanooga, Tennessee during the Atlanta campaign in 1864.

The Union lost a significant amount of men during this battle and the Confederate troops managed to get guns, ammunition, artillery, and wagons that they desperately needed. Although the battle was considered a major victory for the Confederacy, it was not successful in stopping Sherman’s campaign.

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