Tallahatchie Arts Council Announces Classes, Plans for 2020

“We’re excited about the upcoming year,” Tallahatchie Arts Council (TAC) member Susie Brown said. “Some of the upcoming classes include melded glass, wood carving, beginning watercolor painting and thrown pots on a pottery wheel, to name a few.”

“Not only are we looking to provide different and interesting classes but looking at more outreach for children,” she continued. “Jill (Union County Heritage Museum Director Jill Smith) and I had the opportunity to meet earlier with one of our local home schooling groups. We want to understand their children’s art needs. We also have plans to outreach to the Boys and Girls Club.”

The first class this week is Intro to Pottery: Hand building with Shelby Toole. Students will learn the beginning of all things ceramics as they build a base of foundational techniques as they make functional pottery such as pinch pots, trays and bottles. The class will be Jan. 30 from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at the Art House, 205 Highland, and the cost is $35.

Next will be a Bob Ross Technique Class Saturday taught by a Bob Ross certified instructor, Deanna Washington Gregory. There will be only 10 spots in the one-session class. (Already filled)

Starting Tuesday Feb 4th is a 4 week on Photography.  Topic for the class include: Introduction/Fundamentals, Portraits & Architecture. You don’t need a special camera, just bring you cell phone! The class is $80.00

On February 12th a new and interesting class “EASY FUSED GLASS PROJECTS”, is being taught by Award winning Glass artist Steve Hazard.  Steve has 2o years of experience with Cold and arm Glass projects.  ($30.00)

The last class for February is “BEGINNING CHIP CARVING” taught by Barry Snyder.   Barry has over 40 years of chip carving experience. He is a winning artist at numerous wood carving competitions through the state of Florida. He also has displayed carvings at Art Shows in Central Florida and taught beginning classes at the Woodcraft Store in Orlando and for several wood carving clubs. He has also received awards at: Southwest Florida Wood Carving Show in Fort Myers Florida, Southeastern US Wood Carving Competition in Atlanta Georgia, and other smaller venues in the central Florida area.   ($30.00)

All of our classes are posted on Facebook- Tallahatchie Arts Council page: (

Please visit, like and follow our page. You can also become a member of the Tallahatchie Arts Council for $25.00 as an individual or $50.00 for a family.  All of our classes can be paid using PayPalMe/TAC205205

If you have suggestions for a class or would be willing to teach a class. Please call Susie at 662-538-0014.  You can also contact Jane Weingarten, the current President of the Tallahatchie Arts Council. 

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