PreK and Kindergarten registration at NAES (FAQs)

Now is the time to register your child for Pre=k and Kindergarten. With the Stay-at-home and the health issues connected with COVID19, it looks a little different this year. You can find the list needed for registration on HCN Today, but we wanted to clarify a few points. We reached out to Melanie Shannon with the New Albany School System and asked her the following questions. She sent us a reply back from the New Albany Elementary school representative.  

Q) Since the library is closed how can the parents get the info of the child(ren) to the school if they do not have a computer at home? 

A) The school representative replied – the parent can access the registration link for a smartphone or any device that is connected to the internet. 

Q) And if they do not have the internet at home where can they go?

A) If they don’t have the internet at home, wifi is available on NASD buses located at NAES and NAHS. 

Q)If they do not have a scanner, how can they send necessary documents.

A) Scanners are not necessary in order to complete the registration process. They can simply take a picture with their smartphone of the needed paperwork and attach it to the provided links. 

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