Florida Couple Pleads for Help in Fight for Child Caught in Tishomingo County Court System

Ormond Beach, Florida – The year 2020 has been a rough year, from the Corona epidemic to George Floyd and riots in the street. Yet, for one Ormond Beach family, the fight for unity and justice for their little girl has been going on for three years, meeting only with the corruption of the Tishomingo County Court system in Mississippi. More specifically, a Guardian at Litem refuses to have a child’s best interest at heart and a judge that seems to refuse to follow the law.

Jamiel Jones, 38, born and raised in Sheffield, Alabama, and his wife, Krista, raised outside of Huntsville, Alabama, 40, are an inter-racial couple with a strong marriage, now living in Ormond Beach, Florida. They have two daughters they already are raising, together. Upon learning that Jamiel had another daughter from his past, based on a father’s intuition and photographs, they filed for custody even before a positive DNA result proved Jamiel was the biological father. The long three-year journey to bring their precious child home has been a heartbreaking nightmare. Despite proof in photographs, videos, and other means from the multiple visitations that the child has been abused and neglected by the third party. No one hears their pleas to do anything to protect this child. The people that currently have temporary custody of the nine-year-old are not even foster parents, but a third-party unrelated. The mother gave the child to the grandmother while doing time in jail, the grandmother could not care for her, so Serenity was passed around from person to person, eventually landing with the third party. They are well known to have a violent, neglectful past concerning children. There was even a warrant for the foster father in a different state for assault and battery, which the Guardian told him to simply ‘take care of’ so it would not affect the case. Calls to DHS (Department of Human Services in Mississippi ) about the abuse and even the police fell on deaf ears. Nothing the Jones could produce, all solid evidence, has not made a dent in their favor.

So why hasn’t this stand up, kind-hearted, African American father, who is a positive role model, has never been in trouble, has a long time, steady job, takes good care of his family, achieved custody of his child?

Enter the small town of Iuka, Mississippi, and the Tishomingo County Court System. Where the third party custodians reside is a quaint, Mayberry type place. Just next door in Corinth, Mississippi,(Alcorn County), is the home of the Guardian at Litem, who refuses to do the job of protecting this precious child. The good-old-boy, family network in high places also seems to protect the abusive third party custodians. The Guardian has met with the third party a total of at least 18 times, and the Jones, Once. The temporary guardians were even banned by DHS to become foster parents because of their violent past and the condition of their home. A Home study has been done in this case by Florida Home study, LLC, for the Jones, who are Florida Guardian at Litems. This cost the Jones $1000. The Guardian at Litem in Corinth, recommended the Jones get a hold of because no one returned his phone calls from DCF in Florida, and then later refused to accept the evidence he recommended in court. In addition, The GAL has taken the Jones’ money, all $1100, for he himself to appear at their home, and for his fees, was court-ordered to go to Florida within 30 days. The Guardian at Litem had a total of 51 days to go to meet the Jones at their Florida home before the Covid-19 shut down the country. Now he refuses and asked for a continuation as he fears for his health. Yet, within the last year, he has been in the Florida Keys, passing on the highway a mere three miles from the Jones home. The judge granted this, costing the Jones out of pocket money for hotels, and travel that has been pre-paid. 7 days away from the court date. This is not the first time the court has done this to the Jones. It is actually the fourth time. In addition, over the course of the case, the Guardian at Litem has refused to receive pictures of abuse, videos from restaurants, and other businesses of near attacks and intimidation from the third party guardians at pick up points for visitation/bonding sessions. Lastly, the law states in Mississippi, according to the Natural Born Parent Clause, that unless a natural-born parent is deemed unfit, or have been proven to abandon or unable to care for her, that the child should be placed with the natural-born parent. Jamiel Jones has not done any of these things. Instead, he has fought for his daughter the whole time.

Jamiel and Krista Jones need assistance in making this case known and to stop the corruption that blocks them from obtaining custody of their precious child. Now, that a cause for justice and unity that the country can help with to bring Serenity home. There is a petition to have the Guardian at Litem removed from the case and call for judgment. More details are also on this link at

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