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Return to School Schedule for New Albany Schools

New Albany School District has announced the return to school schedule for students who have selected the in-person, traditional school option.  The return to school schedule includes a staggered date re-entry.  “Staggering students’ return to school has many benefits and improves the health and safety precautions we have in place for our students and staff,” said Dr. Lance Evans, Superintendent.  “School administrators have carefully planned these days so that it is beneficial time spent to help our students as they return to school.”

These benefits include:

  • Allows the youngest students on each campus time to get acclimated to their school building
  • Allows for students to become accustomed to their daily school schedule 
  • Allows for better traffic conditions on each school campus
  • Allows for teachers to become accustomed to health and safety procedures such as temperature checks and screening questions.

New Albany High School will follow the below schedule:

Thursday, August 6:  Only seniors and freshmen report to in-person school.

Friday, August 7:  Only sophomores and juniors report to in-person school. 

Monday, August 10:  ALL high school students who have chosen in-person school will report to school.

“We have the seniors and freshmen together so we can live stream some things with our senior mentors to classes throughout the day,” said Principal John Ferrell.  “This is a great opportunity to have our seniors develop leadership roles and assist our freshmen students.”

New Albany Middle School will implement the following Return to School Schedule.  Only seventh and eighth graders will report on Thursday, August 6.  Only sixth graders will report on Friday, August 7.  “This will allow the sixth-grade class time for orientation type activities including building tours, meeting teachers, and iPad distribution,” explained Paul Henry, Principal.  ALL Middle School students who chose the in-person, traditional school option will report to school on Monday, August 10.

New Albany Elementary School’s Return to School Schedule is listed below for grade levels and specific classrooms.

Thursday, August 6

Pre-K:  Mrs. Topper’s Class

Kindergarten: Students in the following classrooms are asked to report at 9 am:  Dodds, Spencer, Parks, Robertson, Simmons

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

Friday, August 7

Pre-K:  Mrs. Stubblefield’s Class

Kindergarten: Students in the following classrooms are asked to report at 9 am: Latham, Duncan, Denton, Murry, Freeman

1st Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade 

Monday, August 10:  All NAES students who have chosen in-person school will report to school.

Virtual School

Students who have chosen the virtual school option will be required to login to their classes on the day that their grade level or classroom is reporting to in-person school. Parents of virtual students will receive information about logging into virtual school via school status text message on or before August 5.

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